Production of steel wire, reinforcing grids, welded screens Prerov, the Czech Republic

Our company offers manufacture of:
- Welded screens with rectangular or square meshes for manufacturing of cages, covers, transport pallets, panels, metal furniture, wire items, reinforcement for concrete products, industrial floors, guard rails, machine fencing, etc.
- Reinforcing grids made of smooth or ribbed steel wire for manufacturing of concrete constructions, reinforcement into reinforced-concrete constructions, fences for roads or highways, industrial floors, etc.
- Ribbed steel wires with a diameter of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
- Calibrated smooth steel wires, cold drawn in coils, straightened for use in building industry, engineering network construction.
We provide wire 3D bending in surface treatment zinc, chrome, komaxit, all according to customer's wishes.

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SITAP, s.r.o.

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