GA-SYSTEM ®, all-aluminium skylights, manufacturing on CNC machines Brno, the Czech Republic

The DOSTING, Ltd. company, based in Brno in the Kosinova street, is engaged in manufacture on CNC machines and it is also a wholesale dealer and a retailer of GA-SYSTEM all-aluminium skylights.

GA-SYSTEM® and DOSTING® all-aluminium skylightshas have gained a wide range of purchasers and satisfied customers thanks to their appearance, functionality, easy installation and advantageous ratio of utility value/ price.

We machine tabular materials - plastics, metal sheets, wood intended for promotional purposes, for mechanical engineering and building industry, on CNC machines.

Full range of goods we manufacture and sell can be found at our website or in our e-shop.

You can also visit some of our offices either in Brno, Plzen, or Kolin.

The offer has been placed by company KOMA FACADE s.r.o.

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