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Drying of linings, heat treatment, annealing Ostrava, the Czech Republic

Our company carries out heat treatment, preheating and annealing, drying of linings, using resistance heating sources or gas burners of industrial furnaces, boilers, municipal waste incinerators in chemical industry, ironworks, steelworks and foundries.
Electric heating of tanks, pipelines, hoppers, fittings by heating cables.
Semi-automatic welding of boiler, coupling pins and bolts, bolt welding with the appical ignition, welding with the stroke ignition using the ceramic circles, the short time, using the protective atmosphere of active gas.
Operation and construction of temporary and stable annealing furnaces:
- Round furnace
- Corner furnace
- Furnace with annealed body.
We also carry out repairing and servicing of annealing equipment.

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