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Funeral services, church funerals, Prague, the Czech Republic

Decease of a loved one is always very unpleasant and sad event. We can help you arrange everything necessary in tough times, so that you would not have to deal with formalities regarding a funeral or a cremation at the time of mourning moreover. We provide dignified last farewell for your loved ones exactly according to your wishes and ideas. You will instruct us and we will arrange all preparations for the funeral or cremation instead of you. So we spare you at least some worries.
In case of death of your close person, we will provide:
- All funeral services
- Order of a funeral
- Order of a cremation
- Funeral ceremonies in our halls
- Transport of the deceased and repatriation
- Laying in a grave
- Church funeral
- Store of an urn in our urn groves
- Cremation in our own facilities
- Pension and health insurance deregistration
- Transport of the deceased from abroad anywhere in the Czech Republic
- Transport of foreign nationals from the Czech Republic to any country
- Condolence lists
- Scattering of ashes on our sacred meadows
- Flower gifts
- Death notices, funeral notices
All you need to do is to come into our order office in Prague, bring your identity card, a death certificate and identity card of the deceased, if these documents are available, and clothing for the deceased. Our staff will be happy to give you advice on choice of all necessities for arranging a funeral or cremation from a broad portfolio of our services.

Prices of our services cannot be found on the Internet, as it is legally prohibited to state them on websites. However, our staff can helpfully discuss all matters related to a funeral with you. If coming to our office is difficult for you for health reasons, we can discuss the funeral with you even at your home. Of course, we do not charge travel expenses and prices of any funeral services are not changed. We do everything so as this difficult time was easier for you, at least in something.

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Funeral home of the capital city of Prague is a guide to dignified farewell, the Czech Republic

Funeral home of the capital city of Prague is a guide to dignified farewell, the Czech Republic

The death of a beloved one is a tragedy and a severe trauma for the lives of the bereaved. The last farewell to the deceased is then held in maximum respect and humility. Arranging a dignified funeral is not a light strain. However, the ...