The offer has been placed by company CEMAT trading, spol. s r.o.

Lifting platforms Bohumin, the Czech Republic

CEMAT trading, Ltd. company supplies a wide choice of lifting platforms with an aluminium frame, overload protection, low voltage control panel:
- Simple scissor lifts of 1E Ergo Lift type
- Heavy duty lifting table of 1A type
- Lifting platforms with double scissor mechanism for higher lift 2E and 2A
- Low-profile platforms with full, classic, upper frame or U-shaped - suitable for loading of pallets using palletizing truck without a ramp - A8U, A8C type
- Freight platforms - using for vehicle loading, unloading without a hydraulic face using high-lift or hand trucks - 1S - 1T type
- Double horizontal lifting platforms for lifting of oversize loads - Ergo Lift 5E, 5A type.

We offer various adjustments and accessories for these lifting platforms:
- Safety patterned surface
- Lower frame with openings for forks
- Wheeled bottom frame
- Manually turning round area
- Retractable curtains
- Netting screens
- Tilting upper platforms
- Connecting ramps
- Manual bridging
- Cargo scrolling barrier
- Safety handrails
- Upper strengthening for truck crossing
- Roller conveyor belt
- Folding PVC curtain.

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