Production of mobile, movable, pallet, cantilever racks, the Czech Republic

The IMTRADEX JSC company is a specialist in designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing of mobile racks for large equipment, movable, pallet, cantilever racks and many other storage systems.
We supply racks in the Czech Republic and abroad.
We design, manufacture and supply racks:
Sliding shelving rack:
-Mechanically powered or electrically powered
-For depositories
-With sliding doors on sides
-With ergonomically designed drive
-For tires
-Sliding cabinets for offices or safe-deposit cabinets
EUROLOCK standard shelving rack:
-For storing folders
-With service platform above shelves
-Possible to lock
-Corner shelf rack
Pallet racks are used for storage of goods of various sizes, weights and they can be supplemented according to customer's request with:
-Hand over and storage space
-Crossbar under pallets or under containers
-Frame protection, web plates, corner, against things falling through
Cantilever rack:

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