Vertical lathes, the Czech Republic

Our company TDZ Turn Ltd. has been engaged in supply, sale and installation of CNC vertical lathes and their accessories since 2008.
We are a leading Czech supplier of new CNC vertical lathes with mounting plate size of 800 mm to 4500 mm.

Vertical lathes in our offer:
VLC 800-1600 - the smallest vertical lathes, intended for high-performance turning of workpieces up to piece weight of 8000 kg with a swing diameter up to 2000 mm. The machines are one column, the crossrail can be set in any achievable position. In addition to common turning operations, cones and threads can be turned, also drilling, grinding or milling is possible if the machine is equipped with the third controlled C axis and live spindle drive.
VLC 2000-2500 - the one column machine, very well equipped already in the basis, so no need to buy additional accessories, intended for high-performance turning of workpieces in piece and serial production, it enables turning of cones, threads, common surfaces and axial boring.
VLC 3000-4500 - the double column machine, it can be completely customized to your requirements. The lathes intended for high-performance turning of workpieces with maximum weight of 30 tonnes and machining diameter up to 4800 mm. If the machine is extended by the third controlled C-axis with live spindle drive, the machine enables also drilling, milling, threading and grinding.

Provision of servicing for vertical lathes supplied by us is taken for granted.

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