Frozen food stores Brno

Large-capacity frozen food stores equipped with "Drive in" racks, with excellent accessibility and geographical location in Brno. See for yourself at 49°11'3.494"N, 16°37'35.605"E coordinates. We have been a holder of HACCP certificate for many years and we are registered under r.n. CZ 75 in KVS (Regional Veterinary Administration) Brno. Our services include shock freezing of chilled food in our freezer tunnels, which manage to freeze 18 tons of goods in 24 hours, we also offer wrapping (foliation) of pallets, goods getting ready on pallets according to customer's demand, also in cartons. Dispatch according to FIFO system - records of stored goods in electronic form (PC) and especially perfect staff and store attendants who satisfy even the gentlest nobs.

The offer has been placed by company ROVNER s.r.o.

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