Stainless steel surface blasting by ballotine Brno Modrice, the Czech Republic

Our Brno company FK system - povrchove upravy Ltd. (FK system - surface treatment) has been offering services in the field of surface treatment of metals, stainless steel surface blasting by ballotine for more than 13 years.

Blasting by ballotine belongs to up-to-date surface treatment methods for anti-corrosion steels.
This method is based on blasting of surface with glass or ceramic granulate carried by an air stream under pressure of 0.6 up to 0.7 MPa.
After blasting, the surface is velvet smooth up to velvet matt, depending on type and grain size of used abrasive material.

We offer extensive experience in blasting by ballotine, hundreds of satisfied customers from various industries across the Czech Republic have already made sure of it.

Currently we carry out blasting in two special chambers of size 5×5 and 10×5 m.

Our main orders included series of ultromats with the weight of 2.5 t/pc, pressure vessels up to the length of 8 m, parts of interiors in Prague castle and the new terminal of the Paris airport, interiors in several banks, facades of administrative buildings and many more.
Moreover, we also cooperate with many mechanical engineering companies and locksmithing workshops.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us or visit our premises in Brno Modrice in the Chrlicka street.

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FK system - povrchove upravy, s.r.o.

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