Industrial washing automatic machines and vacuum cleaners Brno, South Moravian Region, the Czech Republic

The S.U.P. Ltd. & CLEANFIX, Ltd. company, located in South Moravian Region, is engaged in wholesale and retail sale, rental, servicing of industrial washing automatic machines and vacuum cleaners.

We supply industrial vacuum cleaners and complex suction systems in various versions. We offer wide range of optional equipment and accessories, usually prepared directly "tailored" for a specific application.

Most industrial vacuum cleaners are intended for cleaning (vacuumed material becomes waste which is either disposed or recycled), but there are also applications where industrial vacuum cleaners can be employed very effectively for moving large volume of loose and liquid materials from one place to another one.

We offer electrical, diesel industrial vacuum cleaners and compressed air powered vacuum cleaners.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our premises in Brno Modrice.

Complete range of industrial washing automatic machines and vacuum cleaners can be found on our website.

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