Winter gardens, greenhouses, anti-rain and shading pergolas Zlin, the Czech Republic

THERMONT Ltd. Napajedla - Zlin Region, the Czech Republic - we specialize in conservatories, anti-rain, shading pergolas, skylights or aluminium windows.

We provide delivery of lexan-polycarbonate, we assemble and make also glass facades, glazed balconies, greenhouses, claddings, anti-rain and shading pergolas, roofing of swimming pools, terraces from it.

Conservatories and greenhouses:
- Improve quality of housing, they are a great place for your relaxation
- Ensure warmth even in cold weather
- Possibility of growing tropical, exotic plants and vegetables.

Anti-rain and shading pergola
- Is a unique shielding element of your garden
- Serves as both shielding and roofing and controlled ventilation
- Is detached
- The roof shape is specially adapted so that roof profiles drain rainwater away
- The profiles are adjustable by remote control
- The pergola is made of solid aluminium alloy.

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