Polar Profesional snow chains - security on snow and ice, Jesenik, the Czech Republic

Do not worry about approaching winter - your drive can be safe even in winter weather, on a slippery road!

Confidence in driving on snow and ice can be gained easily - get snow chains of POLAR PROFESIONAL line - all-circumferential rapid slip-on, quick clamping, for your tyres.

Chains are suitable for all types of tyres - for cars, utility vehicles, lorries, vans, off road vehicles, tractors, small tractors and high-lift trucks.
The snow chain is reversible, putting on a wheel is very easy.
Choose chain size according to size of your tyre.

In Jesenik district, the snow chain manufacturer is Retezarna JSC. company.
Production has more than hundred years of tradition here - we have long-standing experience, the best prices, we export to all the world.
Our headquarters and workplace is in the Ceska Ves village.

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Retezarna a.s.

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