Ticketportal ticket office, Western Union, Prague, the Czech Republic

Where in Prague in Nove Mesto can you buy tickets for any cultural event? Naturally, in the SPORTTURIST - SPECIAL company. Since we are an authorized dealer of leading companies Eventim, Bohemia Ticket, Ticket Art and Ticketportal.

Thanks to us, you will have all cultural events within easy reach. And how does it work? You order tickets for a selected cultural event through a website of any of the above mentioned companies. When ordering, tick the option of personal receipt at our place, in the Hybernska street. Then you only need to pick up tickets. You do not pay any extra fees when pick them up personally. Moreover, you can pay for the tickets in cash directly in our branch office.

SPORTTURIST – SPECIAL supports cultural enthusiasts, but it offers its clients much more. Since we are licensed by the Western Union company to operate their services and cash transfers of money to and from abroad. The Western Union is a company offering cash transfers of money between two natural persons without necessity of opening a bank account. We, in SPORTTURIST - SPECIAL, send and pay out money transfers of Czech crowns, as well as American dollars to almost all countries of the world. You can be sure with us that your money is safe and exactly where you want them. Only in our office in Hybernska street, you can make use of special offers - we add you 50 crowns bonus for every fifth transaction!

Are you getting ready for holiday? Come to visit SPORTTURIST - SPECIAL. We also have an exchange office where we buy and sell dollars, euros and pounds free of charge!!

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