Staining and passivation of alloy corrosion resistant steels Brno, the Czech Republic

Are you looking for staining and passivation of alloy corrosion resistant steels? Our company can do this. Staining and passivation are carried out in our staining plant in Brno, but also at our clients' places or even when assembling. Staining is carried out by dipping into staining baths or by spraying. Also following passivation can be done this way, or degreasing before staining. Spray staining is carried out on those parts which can not be stained by dipping due to their large size or unsuitable shape. Limiting width is 4000 mm and height 4200 mm. Any way of packaging is possible.
We have all necessary permissions, certificates, authorizations and approvals for staining and passivation at our client's place. We are also able to do special degreasing, staining and passivation of piping systems to oxygen cleanness and cleanness for the pharmaceutical industry.

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