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Teeth straightening method - Invisalign + Incognito 3D invisible braces Prague, the Czech Republic

DENTAL OFFICE, as the only dental clinic in the Czech Republic, offers a unique teeth straightening method - Invisalign invisible braces!
Invisalign braces are soft, plastic carriers that you wear on your teeth one by one according to order specified in advance.

Why Invisalign:
- They are almost invisible
- The braces can be removed at any time
- No restriction in eating
- Easy teeth brushing
- Time saving during orthodontist visits

Another form of braces - Incognito 3D braces:
- They are intended for those who do not want or cannot have, for aesthetic reasons, teeth straightened with conventional ligature braces.
Ligatures are made of gold, to measure, and are applied on the inner side of teeth.

Our dental clinic in Prague 4 will help you to charming smile, we offer professional approach throughout the whole treatment.
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