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Dentistry, dental hygiene, Prague, the Czech Republic

Nice smile and straight white teeth are a part of neat appearance and they say a lot about a person. Therefore, we should not underestimate care for teeth and gums. Dental office dental clinic, which provides complete care for your teeth, is here for this purpose.

Our dentistry clinic provides a wide range of services, some of them are covered by health insurance. We provide professional services in these areas:

- Teeth whitening
- Dental hygiene
- Periodontics
- Dental implants
- Prosthetics
- Dental surgery
- Orthodontics
- Restorative dentistry
- Entonox
- Children's dentistry
- Invisible braces

A first visit to one of our dental hygienists at dental clinic takes an hour and you will learn about condition of your teeth and gums, if you are in danger of inflammation or another problem and what you can do for your teeth. If necessary, a hygienist will remove, within the dental hygiene, dental plaque, tartar, clean interdental spaces and explain what mistakes you have made in teeth brushing so far.

We also carry out teeth whitening, both in our office and in comfort of your home where you take a whitening kit. In the field of dentistry, we also specialize in braces and dental implants, prevention of periodontitis and other diseases.

It is not necessary to be afraid of dental hygiene, our dentists, dental hygienists and nurses will do everything to make you feel at home in our dental clinic and like to come back to us. We offer professional care and likeable team where you will feel good.

Appearance of teeth is important, so do not postpone a visit to the Dental office dental clinic and make an appointment with us. We are located in Prague 4 - Pankrac. For more information, please visit our website.

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