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Buy hose clamps in our wholesale, the Czech Republic

Perfect tightness and protection of a garden hose and large hoses used in industry? Hose clamps from Exvalos company will ensure this. Our wholesale of bearings and accessories can be found in Lanskroun and here you can get reliable hose clamps and other gadgets that you appreciate at home.

Hose clamps from our offer are suitable for all types of hoses. They are designed to seal perfectly and also protect a hose from damage. Smooth non-perforated surface of our clamps will ensure that even the softest hose will remain intact.

In our Exvalos company, we think of all our customers. Therefore, we offer you several types and sizes of hose clamps. Mini hose clamps seal perfectly even hoses of small diameters, Germany hose clamps are suitable for use in difficult industrial conditions. Where perfect tightness of a hose must be ensured, our special high-strength clamps, equipped with a heavy-duty screw, will serve.

Wide product range of our wholesale is supplemented by practical fixing clips for hoses and cables. Rubber surfaces of these clips eliminate possible damage of a hose. Moreover, our fixing clips can be used anywhere thanks to easy installation. Buy hose clamps and other accessories from our company this very day and say goodbye to badly sealing hoses.

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