Ovens and production lines for manufacturing of bread - Hradec Kralove, the Czech Republic

Bread is a food which people will never stop enjoy. Bread and its various variants will be produced even after hundred years. However, time when bread was put into an oven separately is gone. Now production lines of J4 company can help you with its manufacture.

Baking bread in large quantity is not a trick, it is so easy thanks to the production lines of J4. We are engaged in manufacture and supply of production lines for various kinds of bread. Thanks to us, you easily ensure:

- Production of free set bread - J4 production line is suitable for all types of bread and dough - the dough is mixed in the kneading trough, then travels on conveyors into the hopper of the divider and afterwards into the forming line. The line for production of free set bread is also suitable for dark rye dough for which so-called three or more degree yeast culture conduction can be used in production.

- Production of toast bread - the production line allows flour management, dough preparation, division, pre-rising with a conical rounder, separation of dough pieces into four parts, oiling, automatic rising and many other phases of toast bread production. The production line includes a tunnel baking band oven with a link plate band. The oven is equipped with lower air circulation in the baking chamber, it provides increasing the heat transfer using convection, uniform colouring of the product, etc.

- Production of bread in forms

J4 company supplies all types of turnkey production lines. Which means that we provide comprehensive services related to delivery and installation of production lines.

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