You can produce Pita bread in quantity simply and easily - Hradec Kralove, the Czech Republic

Pita bread is a delicacy that can be eaten alone and also with other foods. It becomes increasingly popular even with Czech consumers. The J4 company can help you with their mass production, because it is a supplier of reliable production lines.

Production lines for manufacturing of Pita bread consists of several parts:

- Flour silo
- Mixing centre with dosing of water and flour
- Divider
- Pre-proofer
- Forming line
- Main proofer
- High temperature baking oven
- Cooling conveyors
- Equipment for packaging

Thanks to our production lines, you can produce Pita bread in large quantity and effortlessly. All parts of the production line are set in motion by pressing a single button. The most important part of Pita bread production is a high-temperature tunnel baking band oven. Quality of a final product depends mainly on correct functioning of this oven. Band ovens of production lines of J4 company are able to produce temperature up to 550°C. They work on the principle of all kinds of gaseous or liquid fuels. The ovens are characterized by very short baking time (from 30 seconds). However, these ones are not the only advantages of baking ovens of J4 production lines. The furnaces can be equipped with gas radiators in space above and below the band or with conventional burners with intensive convective component of heat transfer in the upper and lower part of the baking space.

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