Production lines for manufacturing of gingerbread and biscuits will make your work easier, the Czech Republic

Sweet-smelling gingerbreads or freshly baked biscuits attract thousands of customers in shops every day. However, how to make their production efficient and meeting all standards and regulations? The J4 company, an experienced supplier of bakery and confectionery lines, is here for these cases.

The J4 company has operated in the market since 1994. Since that time, we have become a leader in delivery of bakery ovens and also complete confectionery lines worldwide. We supply conventional ovens for baking of bread, but also lines for production of biscuits, pizza or Arab specialities. Work with them is simple and inexpensive, all products keep their taste.

Production lines for gingerbread manufacturing that we offer to you can be appreciated by a big company, but also a smaller private manufacturer. According to your request, we can supply a line with fully automated or semi-automated makers of gingerbread dough, extrusion presses and presses with engraved cylinders. Coating machines that quickly and evenly will coat gingerbreads with chocolate or sugar will facilitate your work as well. Our offering includes also equipment for gingerbread filling with jam, product dryer, cooling tunnels or cooling conveyors. Thus, it is only up to you what components will comprise your new production line and how much work it will manage to do for you.

Also biscuit production lines will greatly facilitate your work and reduce production costs. New technological resolution will completely replace lengthy manual work and will manufacture biscuits much more economically, but their quality remains untouched. Since all our lines fully comply with current manufacturing standards and regulations. With our production lines, you can be sure that the goods they produce will be harmless and of first-class quality.

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