Cyclothermic baking ovens cope with every baker's work, the Czech Republic

Baker's work are various recipes, doughs and nice smell of freshly baked bakery products. However, what cannot any baker spare? Well, a quality oven. That is why J4 company is here and supplies reliable cyclothermic baking ovens and other baking and confectionery lines for Czech and also foreign markets.

Cyclothermic baking ovens standard that we offer rank among the most favourite kinds of baking ovens for long time. They are very variable and perfectly serve for a smaller bakery and for a fully utilized large-scale production plant as well. We provide you cyclothermic baking ovens with any equipment and width of a band. You can choose a band of width from 0.6 to 4 metres. We are able to equip your oven also with a steam zone or hydraulic band tensioning for easier maintenance of the oven. Simply choose what is right for your plant.

Baking ovens standard from our offering have really wide range of use. They process classic white wheat doughs and purely dark rye variants without problem. So you can bake all kinds of baked goods, from free set bread and classic rolls up to Christmas cakes and Easter cakes in forms here. Baking in our cyclothermic ovens is very fast and efficient, you will bake many times more bakery products in the same time, taste and quality of products will remain identical. Do you want to do honest baker's work which will also be economical and fast? Then opt for cyclothermic baking ovens standard from J4 company.

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