Overhead and portal cranes Zlin Region - engineering, reconstruction, the Czech Republic

Jeraby UB, JSC. company is a specialist in engineering, designing, supply and reconstruction of overhead and portal cranes in the Czech Republic in the Zlín Region.

We design and supply reserved and non-reserved lifting equipment - electric overhead cranes, portal and semi-portal cranes, jib cranes and bracket wall cranes.
Special overhead cranes are delivered as workshop, warehouse, grab, metallurgical ones.

They are technological cranes intended for primary aluminium smelting plants and for modern equipment - prebaked anodes.

We provide reconstruction, modernization, servicing of cranes, crane runways and deliver carrying means - whip hoists, traverses, grab dredgers and hydraulic grabs, weighing equipment.

For more information, please contact us on telephone: 00420736486860.

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Jeraby UB, a.s.

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