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Tablets or boxes for transport of food (Moravska Trebova), the Czech Republic

ABNER company ensures dishes arranged so that they look good even after transport. We supply sophisticated tray set systems (tablets) that keep individual dishes safe from surrounding influences and so maintain them ready for immediate use.

Thus tablets of ABNER company are ideal for use e.g. in hospitals. Thanks to tablet systems, transport of food is easy when using transport trolleys TV, ETV or TTV.

We offer several types of tablets:

- THERMOLINE - a two part tablet designed as an insulated box made of polypropylene, it contains a porcelain bowl with a lid for soup, a plate for main dish and a bowl for side dishes. It also includes a fibreglass tray that enables easy consumption of other kinds of food such as dessert, baked goods, cutlery and other.
- COMBISET - an insulated lower tray for porcelain dishes with other accessories for consumption of food (the tablet system can also include a porcelain compote bowl etc.).
- THERMOSET - the tablet system contains a plastic bowl under a plate, plastic insulating cover for a plate, a porcelain plate, a salad bowl and a soup bowl with a lid
- And many other tablet systems

You can enjoy superior service even in challenging conditions. Therefore, we also supply porcelain dishes for tray set systems (tablets) which make matter of a high level from eating in unusual conditions. ABNER company also offers large numbers of supplementary and alternative parts for tablets such as polypropylene bowls, cups or melamine plates.

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