Funeral home of the capital city of Prague is a guide to dignified farewell, the Czech Republic

The death of a beloved one is a tragedy and a severe trauma for the lives of the bereaved. The last farewell to the deceased is then held in maximum respect and humility. Arranging a dignified funeral is not a light strain. However, the Funeral home of the capital city of Prague will help you with that.

We cannot heal grief left in your heart by the death of a loved one. However, we will do everything to help you in this hard period. There are altogether 10 branches in Prague at your disposal, where you only order a funeral and then leave all arrangements up to us. We oblige people with reduced mobility or completely immobile maximally - we discuss the details of the last farewell directly at your home, without charging a travel fee.

Within the complete service related to funerals, we offer standard and above-standard funeral services. We provide:

- Funerals in the Strasnice crematorium
- Funerals in the Motol crematorium
- Church funerals and other.

In case of death in the Czech Republic but also abroad, we arrange air or car transport of the deceased to any place in the Czech Republic. This service works 24 hours a day.

Funeral home of the capital city of Prague has been providing funeral services for more than 100 years. We have urn groves and meadows where you can store ashes of the deceased. Funeral home of the capital city of Prague delivers flower gifts for funerals and cremations and provides production of death notices.

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