The offer has been placed by company SILYBA a.s.

Grass silage can be used in a biogas station and for cattle breeding, the Czech Republic

Are you looking for quality grass silage suitable for all types of biogas stations? So do not look for more, because Silyba company offers you exactly this one. We have for sale more than two thousand tons of grass silage which you can use in biogas plants perfectly and moreover it is not expensive.

One of the main advantages of grass silage, which we offer you, is favourable price. While costs of maize growing and maize silage use keep growing, we offer you equally effective but much cheaper option. Grass silage is also a good choice thanks to its environmental friendliness. Its use is not dangerous and it protects soil and water resources from damage.

Moreover, grass silage offered in Silyba company is right for all kinds of biogas stations in the Czech Republic and abroad. You can use it in agricultural biogas stations AF 1 but also in municipal stations AF 2. Our haylage has its use even in cattle breeding. Are you interested in our offer? So there is nothing easier than to contact us.

Interested people will arrange transport themselves, Silyba will load grass silage, price is CZK 500 - 600/ ton. Since we want to provide you really unique service, prices are negotiated. So, it depends only on mutual agreement and grass silage can be yours at a very reasonable price.

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