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Custom metalworking meets all your requirements - Kolin, the Czech Republic

Precision, speed and professional approach are values which our company Kolmetal take pride in. We are specialists in metalworking and have provided our services to Czech and foreign clients for many years. Even the most precise metal product is no problem for us.

Kolmetal company always satisfies your requirements. We will machine metal and work even the smallest details, exactly according to your drawing. You can order from us hundreds of pieces for serial production and also the only metal part that you need in a home workshop. In our company, we appreciate every order and always manufacture a precise and fully functional product.

And what services are offered within custom metalworking?

- Metal working
- Metal turning
- Metal milling
- Metal cutting
- Drilling
- Dynamic balancing of rotary parts

Only the most modern equipment is used for metal machining and processing. Thus, our workshop is equipped with several top CNC machines, thanks to which we can provide quality services in short time and at reasonable prices. At your request, we are able to provide also surface treatment of metals, such as electroplating, varnishing or hardening of metals. So, everything required for quality metal products you can get in one place.

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