Hydraulic motors - their first-class production and servicing (Vrchlabi), the Czech Republic

Extensive production portfolio of PELIKAN Vrchlabi company comprises hydraulic motors, piston pumps, servo valves, relief valves and many others. We have engaged in their production for more than 20 years and have first-class and up-to-date engineering equipment. Thanks to it, our production is reliable and efficient and final products are characterized by premium quality.

Hydraulic motors are one of the most important parts of our production portfolio. We manufacture them in several versions - MA, MRAK and MAK. For example, the MRAK 6 model is an axial piston hydraulic motor characterized by constant geometric volume, continuous speed control and low moment of inertia. It occupies only a small space and its position can be freely set. The MRAK 6 hydraulic motor is ideal for use in rotary drives with high demands on range of speed and torque. Please visit our website and choose a hydraulic motor exactly for your needs.

Besides hydraulic motors, PELIKAN Vrchlabi also produces:

- Piston pumps
- Servo valves - two-stage, intended for use in closed position, speed and power control circuits
- Relief valves
- And many more

We provide quality servicing for all machines manufactured by us. A part of our team are qualified technicians who will remove any defect immediately and completely. They also carry out regular maintenance inspections.

Devices of PELIKAN Vrchlabi company are appreciated mainly by companies operating in the fields of hydraulics and engineering. We provide comprehensive services that satisfy any customer's wish. Contact us and convince yourselves of reliable cooperation.

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