Production forming tools, cutting tools Vsetin, the Czech Republic

ZV - Nastroje Ltd. in Vsetin, a toolmaking company with 70 years of tradition, manufactures forming and cutting tools.

We can produce any tools according to customer''s demands:
- Progress tools
- Transfer tools
- For volume forming
- For precise shearing
- Perforating
- Bending
- Drawing
- Drills
- Barrel drills
- Core drills
- Counterbores
- Reamers
- Thread milling cutters
- Threading tools
- Screw taps
- Milling tools
- Hobs, forming cutters
- Push broaches
- Pull broaches
- Turning tools
- Special tools

We carry out also sharpening and re-sharpening of tools.

We deliver our products worldwide, important domestic and foreign companies rank among our clients.

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ZV - Nastroje s.r.o.

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