Air conditioning, air handling, condensers, exchangers, Pribram, the Czech Republic

Frisco company specializes in production of heat transfer surfaces of the highest quality made of first-class materials. Size and configuration of heat transfer surfaces and high quality materials are the most important for proper heat transfer, therefore, we use only proven procedures and certified manufacturing technologies in production of air-conditioners, air-handlers, coolers, evaporators, heaters and condensers in order to achieve the best results and made the most efficient devices.

We are a Czech company that has manufactured and supplied for more than twenty years:

- Components for air-conditioners
- Components for air handlers
- Separate coolers
- Evaporators
- Water coolers
- Water heaters
- Steam heaters
- Heaters with their own fans in suspension version
- Heaters in standing version
- Dry-type coolers
- Condensers for transport equipment
- Exchangers for heat pumps

We have managed to achieve maximum quality, long lifetime and also high efficiency in production of our heat transfer surfaces. Thus our air conditioners, air handlers, coolers, evaporators, heaters and condensers are the result of precise work of our professional technicians and many years of experience of our company.

You will certainly appreciate also sophisticated design of our air handling units or air conditioning units and coolers and their advantageous prices as well. If you are not sure in choosing of equipment, then use expert consultancy of our experienced technicians. They can cope even with very exacting orders and help you choose the best, most advantageous and most efficient resolution of air conditioning and other air handling. Our business premises can be found in Pribram, nevertheless, we accept orders from all the Czech Republic.

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