Corrugated, stripwound hose manufacture Opava, the Czech Republic

Witzenmann Opava Ltd. company manufactures corrugated and stripwound hoses with various types of ends.

Corrugated hoses
- Weld ends
- Quick release couplings
- Screw-couplings
- Fixed, swivel flanges
- Fixed, swivel threaded connection
- Special connecting fittings
- Atypical end

Corrugated hoses, thanks to their absolute tightness, are used for conveying of fluids, gas or as a vacuum piping.

Stripwound hoses with round or polygonal cross-section are used as
- Protective hose for corrugated hose assemblies or for fibre optic and electrical cables
- Suction of fumes, solids, granules
- Waste gas exhaustion
- Liner to optimise flow ratio

Our products are supplied for automotive, engineering, petrochemical, chemical and energy industries worldwide.

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Witzenmann Opava, spol. s r.o

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