Sprinkling material for confectioners and bakers - Chrudim, the Czech Republic

Notice that sprinkling material is not only salt on roads or sand, but sprinkling material is also the name of something we can found on our favourite bakery products. It is said that the basis of a day is the proper breakfast. Many of us can enjoy eating even more when they can have fresh and sweet-smelling baked goods. Some people prefer salty variant, whether in the form of bread, buns or wholemeal bakery products, others prefer a sweet breakfast, they savour for example a bun with poppy seeds or nuts.

Bakers prepare food for you every day and although the basis is dough, it is also necessary to have quality sprinkling material. Where can they obtain caraway seeds or sunflower for bread? Or poppy seed for strudel and other sprinkling material? One of the suppliers of sprinkling materials is Trias company from Chrudim.

Trias company imports sprinkling material from abroad, but it also has its domestic suppliers. Raw materials that Trias takes from Czech suppliers include following sprinkling materials:

- Whole caraway seeds
- Hulled pumpkin seeds
- Linseed
- Blue poppy seeds
- Walnut kernels

Domestic suppliers are not the only ones and Trias takes some sprinkling material and nuts from abroad, directly from the country of origin. This includes:

- Hulled sesame seeds - country of origin: India
- Cocoa powder - country of origin: Spain, Indonesia
- Hulled sunflower seeds - country of origin: Slovakia, Moldova
- Hulled pumpkin seeds - country of origin: China, Hungary
- Flaxseed - country of origin: Russia
- Almond flakes - country of origin: USA
- Grated coconut - country of origin: Indonesia, Vietnam

Wholesale of Trias company for bakers and confectioners is located in Chrudim, but the company distributes sprinkling materials and nuts to customers throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

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