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Management consulting is not a useless thing. In fact, managerial activity is something without which no enterprise can make do. Companies have to have certain experience, abilities, but also knowledge in management to manage their businesses without difficulty and successfully. Management consulting services, provided by Accenture company on a very professional level, relate to this.

Company specialists in management consulting have unique and extensive experience in all industries and business functions. Undoubtedly, their advantages are also researches in the most successful world companies, thanks to which they really know how to manage an enterprise properly.

Management consulting of Accenture company aims to assist companies in order to they become productive and successful organizations both in business and in state administration. In practice, this means that professionals teach their clients to identify new and promising opportunities correctly and improve processes controlling operation of a company. Not only strong execution skills, but also strategic foresight are used for this. Accenture provides services leading to its clients'' success:

- Management of finances and performance of a company
- Management of changes and services
- Management of human resources and workforce performance
- Strategy
- Customer relationship management
- Supply chain management

Global company Accenture offers services not only in the field of management consulting, but also in the field of technological services and outsourcing through more than 261 000 employees in more than 120 countries in the world. It is a member of many organizations and associations, such as Platform - Business for Society, American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Club of Financial Directors, Czech Society for Systems Integration and more.

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