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It is no shame being advised from experts. Even on the contrary! You learn interesting and useful things that you would not learn elsewhere. Experts from Accenture company are here just for you. They offer consultancy in various business areas.

Do you know, how good manager should behave and what activities he should carry out? A manager is not just a person who concentrates a team of workers under themself. Their authority includes a number of other very important tasks on which future of a company lies often. Therefore, do not underestimate managerial post and consult with experts from Accenture. They offer consultancy in these activities:

- Management of finances and performance of a company
- Management of changes and services
- Management of human resources and workforce performance
- Customer relationship management
- Supply chain management
- And many more

Another important part of a well-functioning company is quality equipment. It is necessary to handle it and to know what you can cope with its help. Accenture company offers for performance increase in technological services:

- Technological consulting
- Business solutions
- Network technologies
- IT strategy
- Business Intelligence
- And many more

Outsourcing is often mentioned concept in terminology of modern society. However, hardly anybody knows what it really means and what benefits arise from it. No company should be afraid of this division of labour. Do you not know, how to do it? Accenture offers efficient consulting also in these areas:

- Outsourcing of applications
- Business process outsourcing
- Infrastructure outsourcing

Thanks to advice of Accenture company'' consultants, you will achieve increase in efficiency and success of your company. Trust the stable company having extensive experience in consulting, it has passed its experience on to its Czech customers for over 20 years! International company Accenture operates in more than 120 countries worldwide and thereby it ranks among the absolute top in consulting market.

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