Industrial doors for industrial halls, plants Zlin region, the Czech Republic

Due to their excessive load in everyday operation, industrial halls have to meet demanding technical requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to choose doors that will be able to withstand load in common operation without any problems, which is a test of their quality.

Industrial doors for industrial halls and plants, that will never let you down, are supplied by the company Jimi Tore Ltd. Kromeriz.

Doors from Jimi Tore meet demanding technical and aesthetic requirements:
- Ensuring safety
- Heavy duty
- Greater sizes compared to conventional doors
- Fit overall complex of industrial building
- Stable appearance.

Installation of industrial door is suitable for any plant, also with excessive load, where doors are opened and closed incessantly, also for commercial buildings where emphasis is put on the visual aspect rather than its functionality.

Doors can be used:
- In automotive industry, where they can serve also as a showroom display window
- In engineering
- In chemical industry
- In textile industry and other industrial areas.

Industrial doors of Jimi Tore company are produced in two basic variants: in steel or aluminium version with insulating PUR foam, freon free.
Emphasis is placed not only on technical aspects and safety, but also on design, therefore industrial doors can be purchased in various colours.

Doors are manufactured according to customer''s requirements, so you can choose from a variety of colours, but also of panels - e.g. partially glazed doors.

Our premises are located at the address: Kromeriz, Altyre 3285/1B.
We operate mainly in the Zlin region, we accept orders from the Czech Republic and for Slovakia.

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