Supply of industrial washing machines, washers, laundry equipment, the Czech Republic

Not only hotels, but also restaurants, fitness centres or hospital deal with cleanness and hygiene which also laundry washing is associated with. Clean linen is an important criterion for success of all facilities and therefore quality washing machines, which the company Primus CE Ltd. specializes in, are the basis. The company focuses not only on manufacturing, but also on supplying of professional industrial washing machines and laundry equipment in the Czech Republic and abroad.

What you can choose:
- Professional washing machines
- Industrial washing machines
- Hygienic barrier washing machines
- Laundry equipment
- Clothes dryers, drying cabinets
- Linen ironers and mangles, ironing equipment.

Industrial washing machines are manufactured and supplied with small or large capacity, they are either free-standing or firmly anchored. Choose from various kinds of industrial washing machines according to your demands.

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Primus - pradelenska technika Alliance Laundry CE s.r.o.

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