Production HYDRA expansion joints, articulated, axial expansion joints, the Czech Republic

Witzenmann Opava, Ltd. is a manufacturer of HYDRA expansion joints:

- HYDRA axial expansion joints manufactured as multijacketed metal bellows made of stainless steel with a large selection of connecting terminals, can be delivered also in larger sizes up to diameter of 12 m.
Variants - guiding pipes, special materials, various drilling of flanges

- HYDRA articulated expansion joints - reliable and economical, design series of angular and lateral expansion joints suitable for higher pressures and large movements, multijacketed bellows made of stainless steel, patented anchoring, large number of versions for dimensionally precise solutions

- HYDRA special design with various wall thicknesses and various geometry, suitable for construction of pipelines and equipment, the largest sizes, the highest pressures and temperatures, up to diameter of 12 m, single and multijacketed bellows

- HYDRA small expansion joints - axial expansion joints for pipelines of steel, stainless steel and copper, suitable for technical equipment of buildings, use in water and heating distribution systems, also for gas installation, fitted with screw connection, with terminals with internal and external threads, flanges or weld-on end pieces

- HYDRA multijacketed version - overall wall bearing pressure is solved by multijacketed design, made of several pipes slipped-onto, increased ability to move and compressive strength, permanent monitoring of tightness

We supply manufactured expansion joints and bellows worldwide.

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