Production of HYDRA metal bellows, flexible couplings the Czech Republic

Witzenmann Opava Ltd. is an international company with a long tradition, operating worldwide and producing metal bellows of the HYDRA brand.
HYDRA metal bellows are characterized by a high resistance to pressure. The bellows are used in valve industry, control and regulation technology, engineering production, aerospace, astronautics, equipment production. We produce single or multiple thin walled bellows, in various sizes and materials. In nominal sizes from DN 3, for nominal pressures up to 500 bar. The bellows are long-life resistant to media, corrosion, temperature and pressure.

HYDRA diaphragm bellows with the highest flexibility, very low spring rate, low hysteresis, high fatigue limit in alternating bending stress. Used in engineering, medical technology, special valve production, vacuum technology, aerospace, astronautics, construction of sealing elements, slide ring sealing in pumps and compressors.

HYDRA use in the valve manufacture - the highest requirements for resistance to pressure, tightness, axial movement capture in high operating cycles.

HYDRA flexible couplings are metal bellows suitable as long-term solid, flexible elements to be used in manufacturing of machine tool and fine technology with long service life, torsional rigidity and yet soft in bending.

HYDRA precision bellow is a miniature multiple thin walled bellow with only 3 mm inner diameter. It is flexible enough to handle the quick movements of piezo-element and to keep it absolutely dry. It is used in automotive industry and medical technology.

Witzenmann Opava, Ltd. is a direct producer of metal bellows all over the world.
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