HYDRA corrugated, stripwound hoses the Czech Republic

Witzenmann Opava Ltd. is a significant producer of HYDRA corrugated hoses:

- HYDRA corrugated hoses are metal pressure hoses made of stainless steel. They are used in chemical industry, vacuum technology

- HYDRA stripwound hoses are made of profiled metal strip, resistant to vibrations, used in air-handling, as protective hoses for electrical cables, fibre optic, exhaust and conveying hoses

- HYDRA parallel heating – flexible hose which is laid parallel to the pipeline and insulated together with it. The heating is made by steam, with the temperature up to 200 °C

- HYDRA hose lines with PTFE lining or inner coating are used mostly in chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industry

- HYDRA high pressure corrugated hoses are used in industrial filling stations to fill gas hoses. They are designed for high pressures, additional motions and pressure changes.

Witzenmann Opava Ltd. operates worldwide.

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