Production, supplying and installation with medical technologies, the Czech Republic

The Lab&Pharma Ltd. company provides production, supplying and installation of various medical systems

We offer you systems for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical pure media:
- water for injections
- highly purified water
- pure steam
- compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen and propane.

We also produce preparation systems for:
- solutions for injections and infusions
- nasal, ear and oral drops and sprays.

Technologies for continuous monitoring of the critical parameters of:
- particles
- speed
- microclimate
- pressure, etc.

And we also provide the installation of cooling and heating technologies, systems for automatic control, dispatch and sterilization.
The employees in our laboratories are qualified engineers, specialists and chemists, who constantly create new medical equipment for you.
For more information visit our website (EN) or call us at +420 272 101 411.

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