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The troubles with regulation of heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning or underfloor heating do not have to bother you anymore. We will solve them for you.

The SAUTER company offers products that are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer's requirements. Thanks to that, they are highly sought-for throughout the whole world and they ensure the optimum conditions in all kinds of environments.

We can provide products with the quality of field devices as reliably as products of the automatic level.

We want the technologies of the future to be nature-friendly. Therefore we try to lower the power consumption and bring not only an economic benefit to our customers, but also a better environment for the future generations.

We offer innovative products of our own production and excellent Swiss quality, that have, among other things, great price-performance ratio. Whether we are talking about heating, cooling, individual room regulation or air-conditioning, we will always provide the most optimal conditions for you and the environment. We supply measuring and control systems, building management systems, projection, assembly, programming, we provide devices and control systems, as well as subsequent service.

The wide range of SAUTER company products, which are designed not only for air handling devices or heating technologies, is divided in the following cathegories:
- two step temperature, pressure, differential pressure, humidity, frost protection controllers,
- temperature, pressure, differential pressure, humidity, air quality, CO2 sensors and detectors,
- electronic regulators for heating and underfloor heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, regulators for individual rooms
- electronic servo drivers and control valves, thermal drives, flaps and mixing valves, small valves, straight-way and three-way control valves, valves for dynamic hydraulic balance
- pneumatic devices, pneumatic relays, regulators for individual rooms, VAV, control system "centair", pneumatic devices equipment
- pneumatic drivers, control valves and equipment
- control equipment, CASE Suite program for project processing, automation stations, regulators for individual rooms, components for communication with other systems, visualization software, control and display units.
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