Scientific research of plasma physics and its applications Prague, the Czech Republic

The main activity of the Institute of plasma physics AS CR, v.v.i. is scientific research of plasma
physics and its application.

Our activities include the research and development in the following areas:
- Thermonuclear fusion (controlled)
- Plasma spraying process
- Elimination of waste in plasma
- Interaction of plasma with other states of matter
- Plasma generators
- Electric discharges and their exploitation

We try to find successful solutions to any problems related to plasma and continuously come up with new findings in this area.

The institute consists of several departments, that are aimed at various activities (for instance Tokamak, TOPPTEC centre).

We are one of the 53 research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
The institute is located in Prague 8 - Libeň.

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Ustav fyziky plazmatu AV CR, v.v.i.

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