Heat pumps and rooftop units - house heating and cooling Prague, the Czech Republic

Do you need to get air-conditioning, water heating or heating for your house? And what about all in one? It is possible with the heat pumps from the Trane ČR company.

Who are the heat pumps suitable for?

Heat pumps are suitable for new buildings and all family houses. They are also appropriate for energy-efficient buildings. By using a simple system of air heating they successfully save energy and are thus suitable for everyone who wants to save money. Besides that, we also offer rooftop units that are convenient for private, commercial, office or accommodation buildings. Their great advantage is high performance (the lowest possible consumption of energy) and low maintenance costs.

We offer the following kinds of heat pumps:
heat pump air/water:
- CXA / VXA: 20-60 kW
- CXAM AquaStream 3G: 60-440 kW

heat pump water/water
- CGWH: 60 - 190 kW
- CGWN: 210 - 600 kW
- ETWD: 260 – 880 kW

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