Air handling systems - air conditioning Prague, the Czech Republic

The Trane ČR company is a global producer of air-handling systems. We specialize in air conditioning, ventilation and cooling, we also supply heating and provide further components for heating.

To our clients we supply these system solutions from the air handling field:
- heat pumps (water, air)
- reversing heat pumps
- air-cooled and water-cooled chillers
- terminal units
- outdoor and indoor cooling units
- air treatment units
- terminal devices with water exchanger
- air conditioning units
- rooftop and condensing units
- control systems of engine rooms

We specialize in supplying air handling systems on a turnkey basis, as well as complex solutions for companies. We have clients from health care sphere, business and data centers, hotels, commercial and administrative buildings. Trane ČR is an international company widely operating also abroad.

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