Radio advertisement will reach the listeners' awareness, the Czech Republic

Radio advertisement has huge potential, especially with the RADIO UNITED TOTAL company. We are a nationwide radio network, bringing together strong and traditional radio brands such as Kiss, Country Radio, radio Beat and Rádio 1 together with the strongest radio station Rádio Impuls, complemented by the radios Signál, Spin and RockZone. It therefore reaches all population segments and the weekly reach of the whole radio network is almost three and a half millions of listeners, which means approaching more than 38% of the Czech population between 12 and 79 years of age.

Our radio network covers more than 6300 cities and municipalities with 188 broadcasting frequencies. Advertisement and commercials on the RADIO UNITED radios thus definitely do pay off and your advertising message will reach a wide range of listeners.

Advantages of radio advertisement:

- with promotional and sales campaigns radio advertisement creates an impression of urgency
- advertising during the whole day
- low price and high efficiency of radio advertisement
- it is the only medium that reaches the consumer wherever he is
- unlike TV, no one retunes the radio or leaves the receiver because of commercials
- by repeating the radio commercial the message becomes familiar
- cheap production of spots, which, however, do not appear cheap at all
- radio advertisement provides unique opportunities for sponsorship (teasers, public announcements, shows)
- it is the only medium which, by combining reach and repetition, multiplies the effect of the message during the whole day
- is number 1 in the speed of implementation of the advertising message
- allows your advertisement to be placed individually
- reaches primary as well as secondary customers

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