Czech crystal chandeliers production | Semily, the Czech Republic

Beautiful shiny chandeliers are produced by Ing. Josef Chlum's company ELITE BOHEMIA.

We produce lights for common living areas as well as special custom-made pieces, which we then deliver worldwide.

For the production we use crystal pressed and cut glass. Every piece is hand painted and decorated with gold.

For the trimmings we use leaded Strass trims or unleaded Spectra trims from the Swarovski company.

We produce classic style chandeliers, chandeliers with ceiling mounts, with royal crystals, in light style, with metal components or halogen lights.
For large spaces, such as castle rooms, halls, theaters or churches, we offer the Estate collection with the biggest hanging chandeliers that our company produces.

Our products are supplemented with decorations such as "lipna" (fancy sleeve), sleeve or hanger, that were developed in our own workshop.

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Ing. Josef Chlum - ELITE BOHEMIA

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