Tool suitcases will allow you to produce your own hoses | The Czech Republic

Now you can buy the hoses for individual connector mounting on your own. You can easily make them and install them all by yourself, without
the need of welding or brazing. How? All you need to do is purchase the tool suitcase from Witzenmann Opava.

The tool suitcase, which our company offers, has everyhing neccessary for the manufacture and assembly of the RS 314 S00 hoses.
So, what does the suitcase offer? It contains the following:

- tools
- expendable material
- stamping press
- cutter
- two clamps
- nickel-plated brass matrix
- TEMASIL sealing
- hedging clamping rings

With the tool suitcase nothing can stop you from producing the flexible RS 341 S00 hoses, which you will perfectly use for conducting gas or water media. The procedure is very simple. Measure and separate the required hose length, mount the cap nut and fix it with the appropriate clamp. Then compress the last two waves by several hits from the movable part of the stamping press, to create a straight and flat flange shoulder. Next, slide the appropriate hedging clamping ring behind the compressed waves and lock it. Into the matrixes on both ends of the hose you can then easily insert the suitable sealing and the hose is ready for assembling. During the assembly you do not have to lose time by searching for individual components, for our tool suitcases provide everything you need, together in one place.

Do you wonder, where can you find use for the RS 341 S00 hoses? There are several options. These flexible, resistant and highly functional full metal hoses with parallel annular wave could be perfectly used as flexible connections for the distribution of natural gas, lighting gas, coke-oven gas or biogas, as well as the fuel oil, drinking/service water and compressed air lines. They can be optionally bent and shaped precisely according to your own needs, and are thus excellent for flexibly plugging in most appliances.

Get your own tool suitcase from the Witzenmann Opava company. You will acquire a fully equipped workshop for quick production and assembly of flexible hoses.

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