Plissé blinds - perfect appearance and shading

Plissé blinds - perfect appearance and shading
The pleated fabric called plissé is effective not only in women's skirts and dresses, but it can be also used to brighten up your interior - in the form of plissé blinds. They will provide the required privacy and shade, as well as become the pride of your home and give your windows a brand new appearance.

Standard blinds usually perform the function of shading. However, the fabric plissé blinds do not only work perfectly on the technical side but also look great and draw attention at the first sight.

The ISOTRA company offers fabric plissé blinds in various materials and color designs. Do you want plissé blinds in neon color, with a pattern or from an unusal material? We offer all styles from the classic to the unique ones.

Nevertheless, the plissé blinds are not only an original interior complement. Quite the contrary. Plissé blinds also offer perfect functionality and comfort for the users, for they allow them to optionally set the degree of shading and light transmittance. You can choose darkening plissé fabrics with a steaming aluminium layer which eliminates the strength of heat radiation, as well as fabrics with a pearly coating and high degree of light reflection. Thanks to easy handling you can also set the width of the plissé blinds' shading strip according to your wish. Plissé blinds will always adjust to your current needs, allowing you to have the shading of your windows perfectly under control in all circumstances.

We, in the ISOTRA company, want to always offer you a choice and the plissé blinds are no exception to that. We can thus provide the following types of plissé blinds:

- plissé without guiding
- plissé with rope guiding
- plissé with steel wire guiding
- plissé with two fabrics

Blinds do not have to be boring. Just get yourself the unconventional plissé ones from the ISOTRA company.
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