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Automatic welding machines KSK, the Czech Republic

Welding does not have to be a boring and arduous drudgery. Thanks to the automatic welding machines from the KSK company welding will be fun! We offer a number of work facilitating automates that you will appreciate in many industrial fields.

The KSK company, located in Ceska Trebova, offers welding automates that can be optimized for welding by the methods of MIG/MAG, TIG, TIG with an additional wire, submerged arc, plasma and microplasma, etc. Our machines are produced according to the requirements and needs of our clients. That is why the welding automates can be adjusted to the type of components and welds, the range of weldment dimension, the degree of optimization and many other criteria.

We offer for instance the following types of welding automates:

- SA 603 - suitable for welding nipples on tube sheets. It is produced in three versions according to the type of welding method. It offers continuous regulation of welding speed and is equipped with a 2-axis positioning system of the torch. Thanks to the presence of a pulley positioner, the tube sheet is revolving.

- SA 716 - ideal for rotary welding of parts in the automotive industry. It is equipped with two torches, that can burn separately or concurrently. This type of welding automate is distinguished by a pneumatic clamping and pneumatic support. The welding speed regulation is smooth and quick. Welding automates of the SA 716 type have a programmable welding cycle.

- SAP 2500 H 750 P - this automat is used for the production of voluminous as well as small vessels. The clamping is hydraulic and pneumatic, the weld length is up to 2500 mm. It contains a supporting bar with forming gas and a programmable cycle of tack-welding and welding.

However, the KSK company's product range includes much more welding automates. Just contact us and find out for yourself. We have been here for you since 1991!

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