Grain and rapeseed dryer - an economic drying, the Czech Republic

An effective and economic drying of grain, corn and rapeseed? That will provide the grain and rapeseed dryer from the J4 s.r.o. company. The NS 800 dryer is efficient and offers a wide range of settings and programs. It thus perfectly fits everywhere, where it is neccessary to dry a large amount of grain quickly, cheaply and according to the prescribed hygiene standards.

Do you wonder, how does the grain and rapeseed dryer actually work? It is simple. Every dryer consists of four separate areas that provide a continuous drying of grain, corn or rapeseed. In the first, so-called heating area, the combustion products from natural gas circulate, the second area then serves for heat exchange. From here, the heated air continues to the dried product area. The fourth area enables the wet air to leave.

In the J4 s.r.o. company, it is our main goal to make our products functional, yet user-friendly. That is also why the use of the NS 800 dryer itself is very easy. The grain and rapeseed dryer is equipped with an upper feeding screw, where the product can be easily filled. Precisely according to the setting, the bottom intercepting flaps empty the dried grain into the lower screw and easily move it to the container. The dryer’s operation is controlled by a simple programmable automatic device. Here you can freely set the required temperature, the hold-up duration or the dryer's performance. The dryer's operational safety is then ensured by a doubled security system.

Do you find our grain and rapeseed dryer interesting? Then do not hesitate and contact us. We offer the dryers in various sizes and versions. All you need to do is tell us about your requirements and this efficient machine, which will save you time and money, can be yours.

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