Terezín concentration camp and its horrors are commemorated by a memorial, the Czech Republic

The Terezín memorial is located in a place, where during the World War II a local fort was transferred into an infamous Jewish ghetto and a concentration camp, the only one collection camp in the Protectorat of Bohemia and Moravia, from which people were transported right to the extermination death camps Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno and others.

It is not easy to think back to this painful part of our history, yet the events should never be forgotten. That is why in the place of the former concentration camp the Terezín memorial was built and the object was also pronounced a national cultural sight.

The Terezín memorial is the only institution of its kind in the Czech Republic, with a goal to preserve the memory of the victims of the political and racial persecution during the Nazi occupation, and to take care of the places connected with the suffering and death of tens of thousands victims, to make sure that their memory is never forgotten.

A part of the Terezín memorial is the Lesser Fortress, which operated between the years 1940-1945 as a Prague Gestapo's jail. In 1994 a permanent exhibition about the history of the police jail was established here, which records also the fates of Czech prisoners that were dragged into the other concentration camps. Another part of the memorial is the Ghetto Museum, located in the building of the former Terezín school, whose exhibition arised from a cooperation with former Terezín ghetto prisoners.

Within the Terezín memorial you can also visit the former Magdeburk barracks with a replica of the prison quarters from the ghetto period and an exhibition dealing with music, fine arts, theatre and literary works in the ghetto.

More exhibitions could be seen in the former crematorium on the Jewish cemetery, and accessible are also the house of prayers from the ghetto period, columbarium, ceremonial room or mortuary.

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